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Our old friend and favorite grammar assistant from the '90s has had difficulty keeping his resume relevant. His college degree hasn't been much help in today's competitive job market and his outrageous student debt is only weighing him down. After countless online applications and just a handful of failed interviews, Clippy the Office Assistant has hit rock bottom and needs your help.

Back in 2015, Clippy was met with considerable difficulty when was charged with a DUI. "Police pulled over the celebrity paper clip after noticing his truck speeding and swerving erratically, and later described the intoxicated icon as “belligerent” and “literally bent out of shape.”"


If you're able to help save Clippy, please visit

Sevens Foundation to make a bid.

Let's get Clippy the help he needs so he can get back home with his wife Clippette and his kids, the little Clippers.

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